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Charcuterie Boards and Lazy Susans - Customized

Charcuterie Boards and Lazy Susans - Customized

These ocean themed charcuterie boards and Lazy Susans are made-to-order and will dress up any dinner party or get together. 



  •  Acacia wood or bamboo 
  • Food grade resin 
  • How to care for your charcuterie board

    Here are a few suggestions to maintain the board.

    1) No dishwasher - ever. Resin is a strong material but should be handwashed with just soap and water to clean up anything that might get on it. Also, natural wood does not like extreme heat. The board may warp and get stripped of its finish. All you need is a little warm water, dish soap and a sponge to clean your board up.
    2) Oil. Some simple maintenance will keep your board as beautiful as you are. Every other time you wash your board give it a little rub of food grade mineral oil or beeswax which both can be found at your local hardware store. Mineral oil is important as it repels water, so it can prevent absorption. Beeswax moisturizes your board, and this natural substance is food safe and water resistant. Using beeswax regularly can keep your board looking new. Because beeswax is a solid, it is harder for wood to absorb it.
    3) Use it and enjoy it – serve food on it, and may you enjoy good company and lots of laughter around it.

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